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CMX Skid Pad Assembly Kit HO Scale


MSRP: $39.95


By popular request we have added CMX Skid Pad Assembly Kits to the CMX line. Users have requested the option to have a “dry pad” cleaning car to remove dust etc.

All you need to add the popular CMX Skid Pad feature to almost all conventional rolling stock. Kit parts are the same as used on the CMX and include: a solid brass Skid Pad, easy mount Spring Clips, hellical Compression Springs, 2, # 2 stainless steel Shoulder Screws and about 40 Pads.

The Kit is easy to install by using 2 #2 shoulder screws mounted to the floor of most rolling stock. You may have to remove underside details like air tanks and brake linkage to provide clearance. About 4-8 oz of weight should be added to the car to prevent derailment. Metal wheels are recommended.


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