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Broadway Limited Imports HO GE C30-7, with Paragon 3 Sound, ATSF Kodachrome #8066, BLI-4402


1 in stock (can be backordered)

Expected May 2016
MSRP: $299.99


4402 GE C30-7, ATSF #8066, Kodachrome, Paragon3 Sound/DC/DCC, HO

Locomotives are expected May 2016

General Electric introduced the first “Dash” line of diesels with the C30-7. Equipped with a 3,000 hp 16-cylinder diesel, it quickly found favor with several railroads and became a success for General Electric. The C30-7s are still in service today, though several have found their way to leasing companies from their first owners.

The early production units had four windows on each side of the cab, but rules in 1980 for making windows “projectile resistant” eliminated the outer windows in later production and those same windows were filled in with sheet metal on the early units.

BLI is offering both cab styles to match prototype needs.


– NEW Paragon3 Sound & Operation System FEATURING ROLLING THUNDER with Authentic Sounds and Prototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments
– Factory Installed Engineer / Fireman Figures
– Locomotive Composition: ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis
– Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee or Compatible
– Compatible Tracks: Code 70, 83, 100 Rail
– Equipped with Traction Tires
– Minimum Operating Radius: 18 in or greater