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Bowser #24510 HO GMD SD40-2, w ESU LokSound DCC, St L&H #5593


Available on backorder

Pre-order by June 1, 2016
MSRP: $299.95


Pre-orders are due by June 1, 2016!

These GMD SD40-2 locomotives are expected from Bowser in January of 2017. If you put your pre-order in now, you will NOT be charged until the locomotive has come in and we are ready to ship it to you!

Bowser HO GMD SD40-2, with ESU LokSound & DCC, St L& H #5593 (St Lawrence and Hudson)

81″ Nose, Chicken Wire Radiator Grill Covers, Double Row of Louvred Doors in Compressor Area, Ditch Lights, Removed Class Lights

Bowser Item #24510


  • Equipped with ESU LokSound & DCC
  • Locos with sound have the class lights over the number boards individually controlled and in color. Press F-5 to cycle through the colors (Red, White and Green)
  • GMD Steps
  • Air Hoses
  • MU Hoses
  • Cab interior
  • Metal grab irons
  • Brass bell and bracket
  • Brass horn
  • Drop Steps
  • Window Glass
  • Wind Shield wipers
  • ESU LokSound Select
  • DC versions have 21 pin DCC socket
  • Can motor with flywheels
  • 40″ wheels
  • RP25 flange
  • Kadee® couplers