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Blackstone Models B340703W, HOn3 3-Bay Hopper, EBT #951, Weathered


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Blackstone Models HOn3 3-Bay Hopper
East Broad Top (EBT) #951, 1940s Era Lettering, Weathered

Blackstone Models Item # B340703W

The steel 3-bay hopper is a must-have for model railroaders interested in the wonderful little East Broad Top Railroad (EBT), as well as for freelancers looking for a classic piece of rolling stock history. A variety of road numbers are available with either 30s-era lettering or the 40s-era herald in weathered or non-weathered paint. This release also includes a version with “Rock Car” printed on it, which is available with optional weathering. Additional versions include a painted, unlettered black car and a car with only reporting data.