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PCM Y6B 2-8-8-2: May 12, 2006

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Precision Craft Models 2nd steam release, the N&W Y6B 2-8-8-2 with ESU LokSound, is shipping.


The hefty loco is all die cast, the detail is very crisp, evidenced by clean lines and good rivet work on the tender and cab roof, even texturing on the running boards. The chassis is a modified split frame design. The leading and trailing drivers of each truck assembly are sprung to help provide good pick-up and traction. The sound is loud and full-bodied, with bass in the chuff and an NW sounding prototypical whistle.



The lighting uses bulb-like LEDs. The loco comes stock with a realistic firebox flicker effect, it is bright enough so if you look at the front of the tender you can see the shadows cast by the engineer and fireman.

With nickel silver wheels and a dual fly wheel skewed armature motor, you’re assured of smooth running and a strong pulling loco. Optionally, traction tire wheel sets are supplied if you need more traction.


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