ESU has the largest offering of sound decoders in different physical formats and plug configurations along with a huge collection of locomotive sounds. Keeping everything in order and up to date in an easy to find format took a little bit of thinking on our part so you can find the right decoder for your model, with the right sound file to match your locomotive prototype. So, we have decided to divide each Loksound decoder model into 7 variations based on the locomotive manufacturer.

ESU 73700 Loksound Select Direct ESU 73700 Loksound Select Direct

For example, the very popular Loksound 73700 Select Direct is now divided into the following sound categories:

  1. ALCo
  2. Baldwin, Fairbanks Morse & Galloping Goose
  3. Electric,Trolley & GTEL Turbine
  4. EMD
  5. General Electric [GE]
  6. Steam
  7. Factory or No Programming Required

With over 105 prototype sound files for North American models and well over 600 for European models, having a drop down menu just doesn't work that well. Following is a list of the most popular Loksound decoders we've divided up into the seven variations. We plan to have all ESU Loksound decoders included in this same format as soon as possible.

  1. Loksound 73400 6aux
  2. Loksound 73700 Select Direct
  3. Loksound 73800 Select Micro
  4. Loksound 73900 Select 21-Pin
  5. Loksound 54400 V4.0
  6. Loksound 54499 V4.0 21-Pin
  7. Loksound 54700 V4.0 Direct  ***NEW***
  8. Loksound 56899 V4.0 Micro

If you have any questions or need help finding the right decoder and sound file for your model, please call or email us at your convenience. We're more than happy to help you have more fun model railroading!