We have over 25 years’ experience installing decoders/receivers/sound systems in all shapes and sizes of locomotives from “N” scale to “G” scale. We guarantee all of our work for 30 days. The below table is provided to help you estimate your installation costs.

*Please contact us via phone and we can provide you with a more accurate quote. 1-800-978-3472

 Installation Details

  1. The DCC/Sound decoder is not included in the installation charge. Prices are dependent upon manufacturer and decoder format.
  2. Factory supplied lights are used where possible, if not, directional lights can be installed for an extra charge.
  3. LED light upgrades available for an extra charge.
  4. For brass models there is additional up-charge for decoder installations.
  5. Speakers & Enclosures are extra – pricing dependent upon size.
  6. Light bulbs and LEDs are not covered under warranty.
  7. All locomotives, decoders & lights are fully tested for functionality prior to return shipment

Installation Labor Charges Are Listed Below


Loco Type DCC  Installation Sound Installation
Diesel or Steam  HO Scale



Diesel or Steam  N Scale



Diesel or Steam  S Scale



Diesel or Steam  O Scale



Diesel or Steam  G Scale


*Brass Locomotives will have an additional charge 

Decoder Installation Precautions

All decoder & sound decoder installation work is guaranteed for 30 days. To insure longevity of DCC components, speakers & light bulbs, please observe the following precautions:

  • Set and maintain track voltage to minimum levels for your scale.
  • Remove or repair constant sources of short circuits like faulty locos, rolling stock or bad turnouts.
  • Set sound unit volume low.
  • Create a minimum of two or more power districts for your layout.
  • Run locos at conservative speeds.
  • Run MUs or consists with either matched locos or use loadable speed tables to match locos.
  • Insure that all locos in consist are running at same speed step.
  • Keep track and wheels clean.

Comments From Another Happy Customer

Greetings form Chatham!

This is a note to express my total satisfaction with the decoder work your people did on my locomotives. The results exceed my wildest expectations. The new dimensions to the Hobby for me….multiple train control…sound….etc., are unbelievable. Of course, you folks have known this for years!

Please take a moment from your busy schedule to extend to Lew White my personal thanks. He seems to be the one who did all the work. I’m also very appreciative that all the unglued parts that could have come off during transit, and did, were carefully packaged and returned to me. 

Your team is the best and I repeat my earlier comments that I will be pleased to be a reference for you for anyone who might be wondering about the quality of your work. In fact, I believe you might want to tinker with your Model Railroader ad by indicating the availability on your web site of the comments of actual satisfied customers. Once again, thank one and all for very fine work.

With great appreciation, Jim in Massachusetts


“Just received my CN 4-6-4 back that you installed a TSU-1000 in and I must say it is excellent. Runs great and of course sounds great now. Thank you very much for the prompt and professional work.”
Pete C.-  Newfoundland


“I test ran the locos over the weekend and was absolutely delighted with the improvement in running of the re-motored units after cleaning, quartering, and all the other fine work that was done on these high quality models which in some cases have not run in over 20 years and were “gummed up.” These brass pieces represent specific steam locomotive types and numbers which ran through my home town during my youth during 1957 to ’67 and will run on my layout with the diesels that replaced them about 1959. Your selection of the manufacturers of the DCC and sound was a good one, and I’m very happy with the quality of craftsmanship in this transaction. I understand the specialty nature of each of these models, and that waiting for parts from third party suppliers can take time in what is essentially a cottage industry in many cases. This morning I explained to a co-worker that this project is like owning a valuable antique clock and sending it away to a watchmaker for refurbishment.  Thanks for the excellent work.  As a happy customer, I’ll send another batch of brass to work your magic. “ 

Regards, Lee in Canada