To reset the command station section of the Power Cab

  1. Press <Prog/Esc> five times. The cab will display "SET CMD STATION"
  2. Press <enter> 12 times. The cab will display “Reset System?”
  3. Press <6> for Yes
  4. Press <1> to confirm
  5. The system will blink off for a few seconds then come back up.

You must also reset the cab portion of the Power Cab as below.

  1. Unplug the cable from the bottom of the Power Cab.
  2. Hold down the "Select Loco" button while plugging in the cab to the PCP [Power Cab Panel].
  3. Release the "Select Loco" button
  4. You are now in Cab Setup Mode and the current cab address is displayed with a blinking cursor.
  5. Press <0> twice for the address
  6. Press <Enter>. This resets the cab to factory defaults and using address 2.
  7. Press the <Prog/Esc> button to complete the process