A line-up of new Chicago & Northwestern GE C44-9Ws in Bill, Wyoming in July 1994.

Intermountain announced a new run of HO GE C44-9W locomotives in 2016 originally expected to arrive in 2017. However, due to the huge success of the new Intermountain Tier 4 GEVOs with heavier, smoother, and more powerful motor drives, Intermountain has decided to deliver the new Dash-9s with the new motor drive incorporated. The C44-9W’s will also have the hugely improved LED lighting system featured in the Intermountain Tier 4 GEVOs, providing some of the best lighting we’ve seen in HO scale. Spinning roller bearing caps on new GE trucks will also be included. These models are expected to arrive in early June 2018.

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Expected delivery in early June 2018

Video Review of Intermountain HO GE Tier 4 GEVO
We were thoroughly impressed with Intermountain’s all-new GE Tier 4 GEVO. Click on the image below to view our video review of these gorgeous locomotives and get a look at some of the new features you can expect to see on the upcoming Dash-9s as well.