Each NCE cab MUST have a unique Cab address. The address range is based on which NCE DCC System is being used; Power Cab or the PH Pro.

To reset any NCE throttle including the Power Cab:

  1. Hold down the <select loco> key while plugging in
  2. Release the button.
  3. You can now read or change cab address.
  4. To make no changes press enter. W
  5. With the cursor blinking, press the number buttons to select a new address
  6. Press <enter>, or
  7. Use 00 to reset the cab to factory defaults then press <enter>.

Cab address range is based on which DCC System is being used.

DCC Twin Valid Cab Id’s are: 2- 7 for throttles. Use 8, 9, and 10 for cab bus devices such as the Mini Panel and AIU. Locos programmed using the DCC Twin will be set to 3 and 4 short DCC addresses. Default cab addresses on the DCC twin for Cabs are 0 and 1. If you add a second DCC Twin, it needs to be set to slave mode.

The Powercab is a 2 amp system. The default Cab Id is 2. Valid Cab Id’s are: 2, 3, 4, and 5. Note** Cab Id 5 is only available with firmware 1.65. Cab Id’s 6 are 7 reserved. Use 8, 9, or 10 for cab bus devices.

SB5 – 5 Amp Smart Booster Valid Cab Id’s are: 2 thru 7. Use 8, 9, 10 for cab bus devices.

Power Pro System you can use 2 - 63 for throttles

To clear possible cab id conflicts from a Power Pro command station:

1. Prog/esc 5 times, to go to “set cmd station”
2. Press enter 33 times, to scroll thru the menu options. The very last one is “clear all cab memory”
3. Reboot command station
4. Each cab will need to be plugged in one time, to register its existing cab id stored in the cab.

RB02 - Radio Base Station can have a maximum of 16 Procabs using radio. When using radio cabs, use 2 -17 for Procabs due to the limitation of display memory. All other wireless throttles can use any valid Cab Id. It is recommended to reserve lower slots for full-size cabs.