• Before wiring, ensure the Programming Jumper is on pins J3.2 & J3.3 to operate [Pin J3.1 is nearest the center of the PSX-AR circuit board]
  • Cut isolating gaps in the rails between PSX/PSX-AR zones, and stagger the gaps by about 0.75” [21mm]
  • If you are using both PSX circuit breakers and PSX-AR auto reversers on a layout and the locomotive hesitates when crossing a reverse gap, program the PSX controlling the track adjacent to the PSX-AR:
    1. Program CV55=1 [enable delay]
    2. Program CV65=128 [delay=16ms]. CV65 may be any value from 1 to 255. The delay in milliseconds is the CV65 value divided by 8. Ideally CV65 should be the smallest value that consistently works correctly. CV65=128 should work for most layouts.
  • Input and Output connectors J1 and J2 are designed for use with 12 AWG to 22 AWG wire.
    1. Turn the screw on the connector counter-clockwise while looking at the connector opening
    2. Make sure the wire clamp is at the bottom of the connector opening.
    3. Insert the wire you are connecting and turn the connector screw clockwise to tighten.
    4. If you are using a heavier bus wire such as 10 AWG, solder a short length of 12 or 14 AWG wire to your heavier bus to connect to the PSX-AR terminal