The Best Track Cleaner: The CMX Clean Machine Celebrates 20 Years!


Without peer, the CMX Clean Machine has been the most effective track cleaning car on the market for 20 years. It's a milestone we are celebrating by offering free shipping to you on any order with the purchase of any scale of CMX Clean Machine track cleaner!

Made with pride right here in the USA!

CMX Clean Machine Features:
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Non-Unraveling Pads
  • Body-Mount Kadee Couplers
  • Easy Fill Design
  • Leak-Proof Valve and Fill Port
  • Heavy Weight Does The Job
  • Quick Change Pads
  • Drag Pads Won't Catch on Switch Points, Frogs, or Other Trackwork
  • Spill Resistant Design
  • Solvent Proof Design
  • Both Solvent/Abrasive Options
  • Large Reservoir
  • Multi-Directional (Push or Pull)
  • Controllable Dispensing Rate

Just click on the link or the image below for the scale of CMX Clean Machine you want and place your order.

G Scale CMX Clean Machine

And remember, even Lucy knows that other track cleaners never work as good as the CMX Clean Machine!
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