This entails changing the value of CV7 in the programming software which resides in the LZV100.

  1. Use the LH100 Keypad Dispatcher’s Throttle.
  2. Use Programming on the Main [POM] just as though you are programming a loco decoder, but you don’t need to specify an address.
  3. Press <F7> to get to POM mode.
  4. Program CV7 and set CV 7=50.
  5. The red LED on the front of LZV100 begins to flash.
  6. While the LED is flashing, set CV7=30
  7. This will set the output voltage to 15V.
  8. This must be done while the LED is flashing, which is within approximately a 20 sec. interval.
  9. Press <ESC> after CV7 is set
  10. Press <ESC> repeatedly to backout of POM mode.

The Table in section 7.4 of the LZV100 manual gives the values that CV7 must be set to for various output voltages.