Please note: Tony's no longer carries this product as parts and availability were very unreliable. These articles exist purely for informational purposes. For further information contact the manufacturer directly at

The "Train Camera" Package is ideal for Model Railroaders (see illustration in PDF - 267 kB). While there are several Train Camera options available from various manufactures, we judged this to be the best! It has the smallest camera, enabling installation in an operating loco rather than an accessory car. It uses track power, the small battery serves as a back-up for intermitten track power loss. This Train Camera also produces a crisp color image in low light conditions!

We have evaluated a high resolution compact size color "Train Camera" that is reasonably priced and will definitely add a new dimension to your Model Railroad operations.

Last week we ran the "Train Camera" at Bob Durkins "PMC" 1200 SqFt HO DCC layout. All 12 operators were stunned by its performance. The good resolution, color and wide angle focus enabled the operator using the "Train Camera" to completely navigate this 400 ft mainline layout without a hitch. Turnout points were easily visible as well as signals, crossing etc. We could even see in tunnels that had a minor amount of ambient light.

See video clip (click to download - mpg file, 3.4 MB) recorded on our HO installation test layout.

While this is certainly a novelty and gives you a unique engineer's view of a model railroad one might suspect that the thrill would wear off. Possibly, but we all immediately realized that the Train Camera had other and better uses. A "Train Camera" equipped loco would add a great new dimension for a
dispatcher during op sessions. He would have the opportunity to run a train as well as dispatch if
operations and time permitted. Furthermore, he could provide "in reserve" helper service, maintenance of
way or yard switcher duties. Imagine the possibilities?

To put this new toy to another test we decided to hook up the video receiver to Bob's living room (upstairs) 48" wide screen TV. So upstairs went the receiver and the wireless DCC throttle and again all
worked well. Viewing your layout operating on a wide screen makes you feel a bit like Stephen Spielberg! In any event, using the Picture in Picture feature of such a TV would allow you to watch the Super Bowl and run your layout - simultaneously ... talk about arm-chair Quarterbacks/Moder Railroaders?

The Train Camera System is simple to install and operate. There are 4 components: the camera, transmitter, storage battery all onboard and the receiver. The compact size of the onboard components permits installation into a wide range of steam/diesel HO, S, O, G and some N/Z scale locomotives. For the run at Bob's we installed the Train Camera in the cockpit of a LLP2K HO FA Diesel.

Train Camera System is offered at introductory price of $169.95. Like all our products Train Camera is backed by Tony's Satisfaction Guarantee.