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New TCS Diesel WOW Decoders Now Shipping!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in News |

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The latest TCS Diesel WOW is now shipping from Tony’s. We just received the new WOWs with 8 Prime Movers in one decoder. In addition to the original four EMD Prime Movers, TCS added the Alco 251, GE FDL16, and 2 versions of the 7FDL16. Also added are the GE “Whoop” compressor, Hancock Air Whistle, and an E-Bell. Click here for a full list of sounds on the TCS WOW Diesel.



After installing the new TCS Diesel WOW in an ALCO RS-3, we think TCS has done another top job of bringing a high quality product to market.

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