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Posted by on Feb 23, 2017 in News |

New LokSound N Scale DCC and Sound Decoder


LokSound 73100 Shown

ESU has been working with several OEM locomotive manufactures to help bring quality DCC sound to N scale. That work has paid off in developemnt of two brand new N scale DCC and Sound decoders. These decoders will be installed in OEM locomotives and available for retail aftermarket installations sometimee in the Spring of 2017.

Both of these new decoders come with six lighting outputs to give you many options. Both deocders will have the dame software and of normal Select Micros. The 73100 is made fore retrofitting sound in earlier N scale locos, the 73199 is meant to add DCC and sound  to a DC version of ESU factory installed locos. Like all Selects, any Select sound file can be added to any Select decoder using the Lok Proframmer

The 73100 Select Direct Micro is the retail version for locomotives produced before 2016

The 73199 Select Direct Micro OEM is for installing in DC versions of locomotives offering factory ESU Sound