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New Products Announced at NMRA Show: August 22, 2012

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Tips DCC Systems, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

NCE made several new product announcements at the 2012 National Train Show in Grand Rapids, MI.

THE DCC TWINis a basic 3 Amp DCC starter set with two throttles in one box. It is great for someone purchasing their first train set. The Twin is designed to grow with your layout. It has an expansion port that allows additional NCE devices such as full featured or engineer style walk around throttles to be added to the system. The DCC Twin also includes a power supply.

NCE announced No Halt Insurance, No Halt in three sizes. Small, medium (about the same size as a D13SRJ decoder), and large. NCE says the small NHI will rum a typical HO diesel 4 ft with no power on the track, a medium 12 ft, and the large 30 ft. These come with instructions on how to install them on existing NCE decoders (note installing these voids the NCE warranty).

NCE is also coming out with the D13NHJ (D13SRJ with a small NHI installed)  and a D13NHP(D13SRP with a small NHI installed) .

NCE announced the PB5 booster  which replaces the old PB105. The PB5 is a 5 Amp booster that also comes with an internationally approved power supply (US/CA/UK/AU). The PB5 costs about $20 less that the old PB105/P515 combination.


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