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New NCE Products:March 17, 2006

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Loco specific decoders and PowerCab accesories coming soon.


NAVO – drop in decoder for N-Scale Atlas VO-1000 locomotive, MSRP $29.95

NMP – drop in decoder for N-Scale Atlas MP15DC locomotive, MSRP $29.95

BACH-DSL decoder is an exact replacement for the decoder in the following Bachmann “DCC equipped” locomotives: GP30, GP35, GP38-2, SD40-2, GP40, GP50, FT-A, FT-B and other non-spectrum series locomotives.

Improvements are:

  • Silent running – get rid of that loud motor buzz from the Bachmann decoder
  • Golden white LEDs included (instead of the Bachmann orange LEDs)
  • 128 Speed mode (Bachmann only operates in 14 or 28 speed modes)
  • Torque compensation for smooth low speed
  • True advanced consist compatibility
  • Extra lighting functions for MARS, beacons, strobes, Ditch lights etc.
  • All lighting outputs have resistors already installed for LEDs

PowerCab Accesories:

P114 (PowerCab Power Supply) List $24.95
PCP (PowerCab Power Panel) List $19.95
PC-USB (USB Interface to PowerCab) List $TBD
SB3 (Smart Booster for PowerCab) List $89.95
DB3 (3 Amp Booster, any DCC system), List $69.95

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