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New NCE Products: March 1, 2012

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Here are several new NCE accessory products:

UTP-CAT5 Panel – 5240235 List $19.95

Use CAT5 cable available at your local computer or office supply store!! The front two sockets connect to our Cab cables while the rear two sockets connect to CAT5 cables.

UTP-CAT5 Adapter – 5240235, List $9.95

The UTP-CAT5 Adapter lets you change from our RJ12 plug to the CAT5 plug so that you can use the existing Cab Bus cable you already have!

Dual Relay – 5240236 List $19.95

The Dual Relay can be used for MANY tasks with your model railroad.

  • Control polarity of “dead frog” turnouts.
  • Automatic reverse loop control.
  • Turn track power on/off in staging yards.
  • Provide turnout position for signals.

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