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New Athearn U50 Stereo Candidate: June 24, 2011

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Athearn U50 Begs For Stereo Sound

QSI Solutions is releasing a stereo option with Titan-U. The stereo option released for the Athearn Turbine and Veranda demonstrated that stereo adds significant dimensionality and realism to locomotive sound effects.

The new Athearn U50 has hit the streets, these behemoths are setup for sound straight from the factory featuring 2 x 1.2” diameter speaker enclosures built into the nose and tail of the model.



This speaker enclosure setup makes this the perfect loco in which to install a stereo decoder, couple that with the female 9 pin JST socket on the Quantum Titan “U” decoder and the installation should be a real snap too!

A spokesman for QSI Solutions said:

“QSI Solutions has worked to develop a brilliant new GE sound set for this loco. We have the preliminary work done and will release a file that has the appropriate dual prime mover startup and shutdown for this loco. We are also developing a full dual prime mover sound set where you will have the ability to use the stereo to blend one prime mover per stereo channel which will enable the user to actually hear the sounds of two prime movers running independently, this is just one more addition to the already long list of industry firsts provided by the Quantum Titan series of decoders. We expect the U50 dual prime mover to be available in about 6 weeks.”

There are 2 U50 sound file numbers that would apply:

  • 1100-600 Dual Prime Mover Start-UP available on or before Sept 30
  • 1100-650  Dual Prime Mover Start-Up and Separate Dual Prime Mover Operations, available on or before October 30

Note: Both sound files can be loaded/upgraded using the Quantum Programmer.

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