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NCE Power Cab & Radio

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in Tips DCC Components, Tips DCC Systems, Tony's Tips |


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When can you use the Radio?
A radio Power Cab  can ONLY operate on a layout that already has a dedicated NCE command station including a NCE SB5, CS02, or PH Box along with a RB02 Radio Base station. Here the Power Cab is not used as a Power Cab at all, but as a regular Pro Cab. Operating as a “cab”, the Power Cab can now use the “cab radio” built inside to talk to the command station via the RB02 just like any other radio cab does.

When the Power Cab is used on a NCE layout where the Power Cab is to be used as a Pro Cab throttle, then radio operation is possible. In that specific operational regard, the Power Cab can be upgraded to support a built in radio.

People will falsely assume they can run their layout with the Power Cab in radio mode only to be disappointed that it will not work that way “out of the box” after they purchase it. Tony’s Train Exchange wants to avoid any misunderstanding or claims of False Advertising.


NCE SB5 System Diagram & Power Cab with Radio Upgrade

NCE SB5 System Diagram pdf 

Products in the above Diagram:
NCE Power Cab [Radio Upgrade]
NCE Cab06
NCE Mini Panel
NCE AIU [Auxillary Input Unit]

Power Cab Radio Option
The Power Cab can be upgraded to support a cab radio. However, adding the radio does NOT do what you might think it will do.  Specifically, when using the Power Cab to run a layout, the radio will not work. The Power Cab must still be plugged into the PCP panel as before so the layout can get power over the WIRES from the Power Cab. You cannot send power over the radio.