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Video of NCE Power Cab & NCE USB, ESU Programmer with PSX Circuit Breaker for Bench Programming

Posted by on Mar 6, 2016 in Tony's TV |

In this video installment we take a look at setting up one of our programming stations. We do a lot of sound decoder installations, many featuring QSI Titan and ESU LokSound decoders which require a dedicated programmer for loading sound files.

The PC tablet in this video runs ESU, QSI and JMRI’s Decoder Pro software for programming LokSound, QSI, TCS WOW, & SoundTraxx sound decoders. We use JMRI to program Loksound, TCS WOW and SoundTraxx cv’s and QSI’s CVmanager for the QSI Titans.

The NCE Power Cab is a self contained DCC system providing DCC power to the test track. The computer interfaces with the NCE Power Cab throttle network via a NCE USB to the Power Cab Panel [PCP]. Track power from the PCP then goes through the DCC Specialties PSX circuit breaker. The PSX is specifically designed to handle the low power out of the NCE Power Cab and Digitrax DCS51 Zephyr. See it all set up in the following video.