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NCE Power Cab Applications

Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Tips DCC Systems, Tony's Tips |

The Power Cab is a self-contained DCC system inside of the NCE Pro Cab throttle case, combining a Pro Cab Throttle, DCC Booster, and DCC Command Station in the palm of your hand. The 6 wire flat cable used for the Power Cab is specifically designed to provide higher current and voltages for DCC track power.

For this reason, you cannot move the Power Cab to different panel locations without a few changes to the Cab Bus network. The DCC track power to the rails and power from the wall transformer BOTH go through the Power Cab. If you unplug the Power Cab from the PCP [Power Cab Panel] DCC power is disconnected to the track and all locomotives will stop instantly.

If you do not need more power to the track and only need a new location to control trains from:

  • One option is to add a second cab throttle of any kind. As long as the Power Cab stays plugged in to a PCP, a second UTP panel and a second cab throttle can be added to provide control from a different location. You can have an unlimited amount of panels with certain provisions for cable length.
  • Option B could also be a wireless cab. If the Power Cab stays plugged in, you can add a RB02 radio base station and any wireless cab.
  • If you need more power, add the SB5 Smartbooster. The SB5 is a combination 5amp DCC booster and command station [similar to the NCE PH Box]. With the SB5 running the layout, the Power Cab reverts to functioning as just a regular Pro Cab throttle. The Power Cab can now be unplugged and used in multiple locations via UTP’s. You can use the PCP for this with no track wire or power connections on the rear.
  • The Power Cab can be used between two completely separate locations such as a work bench and a layout  by having two P114 power supplies and two (PCP) power cab panels set in each location. The two locations cannot be electrically connected or have a connection via track.