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MTH Triplex A-OK? January 10, 2008

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

The solution to the possible mechanical issues raised in our previous announcement is simple to resolve.

Apparently the possible lifting of the rear drivers in the forward engine of the MTH Triplex is caused by the steam pipe dropping from a slot in the underside of the boiler. This may occur during transportation or handling.

The remedy is easy if needed – simply move the steam pipe back into the slot. MTH has provided photos and a description.

“When the center pipe is out of place the vertical travel of the front engine is virtually nil. When the center steam pipe is properly located in the slot the front engine has has plenty of vertical travel. I removed the boiler for clarity in the pictures. It is not necessary to remove the boiler to put the center steam pipe in the slot. All that need be done is to gently hold the boiler so that the front engine is inline with the boiler and hanging down slightly. Then using a small screwdriver, such as a jeweler’s screwdriver, move the vertical section of the center pipe forward until it slides into the slot.”



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