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More on Diesel Sound Installations: August 4, 1998

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Some Soundtraxx Diesel users have pointed out that the volume for the diesel is less than the steam. This perception primarily results from the size & quality of the speakers and enclosures used. The tender installations for steam provide an ideal large volume enclosure. Diesel is more of a challenge. See below June 3.

For installations we have performed here we have to work harder to “get the sound”. All of our Diesel installation include at least two speakers.

When you pick speakers you should also observe the wattage rating, two speakers the same size (dia.) will have different volumes if the wattage is different. We currently use several different 1″ speakers, one is 1/10 Watt, the other is 3/10 Watt. While the 1/10 Watt produces more volume there is a greater risk of damaging the 1/10 Watt because at high volume the Soundtraxx DSD’s put out 1 Watt.

Diesel Sound & Speaker Locations for Popular HO Diesels

Loco Speaker Assy Location DSD location
LL P2K SD 7,9 Two 1″ in cab area long nose end, cut 1/8″ from frame top
LL P2K E7,9 PA Two 1″ behind cab and one 1″ near rear door att of DSD remove lamp and mount decoder in its place need resistors for 1.5 Volt front lites
LL P2K E7,9 “B” units, “PB” units Two eliptical speakers suspended from top & ends of shell cones facing down between trucks
Kato S/D 40, 45, C44 9W Two 3/4″ speakers in cab area long nose end over truck. Use NMRA plug harness for 2×4 socket in unit.
Atlas U Boats Two 3/4″ speakers in cab area same
Athearn Two 1″ in cab area long nose end over truck

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