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Manual Addendum for PSX Rev G software and PSX-AR Rev K software

Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

DCC Specialties PSX

The main change for these software revisions is the function of the jumper from J7-3 to J7-4. The new software uses this connection as a Digitrax Configuration jumper. By installing this connection, all aspects of the PSX series are optimized to operate with Digitrax equipment. This includes the DCS50 and DCS51 as well as the DCS100, the DCS200 and the associated booster only units. As a result of these changes, it is recommended that ANY layout using Digitrax equipment should install this jumper.psx_2262

When the jumper is installed, and the PSX is placed in the program mode, the default addresses of the PSX are automatically changed to 997 (on/off), 998 (photo cell arm), and 999 (switch control – PSX-AR only) to allow Digitrax systems to access these functions directly. If the PSX is reset (CV63=42), the default addresses will be 2042, 2043, and 2044 (which are NOT accessible to Digitrax equipment). Under this condition, it is necessary to remove power from the PSX (while still in the program mode) and then re-apply the power (in program mode with jumper in place) in order to program the Digitrax default addresses. Note that if the jumper is absent and the unit is placed in the program mode, the 997,998,999 sequence will be changed back to the normal default of 2042, 2043, and 2044. If the PSX has been programmed to an address other than one of the two default address sequences, the presence or absence of the jumper will have no effect on the stored addresses.

With the revised software and the Digitrax Configuration Jumper installed, it is no longer necessary to follow the “Special Digitrax Programming” instructions. The PSX will automatically prevent inappropriate programming of the unit’s addresses.

With the Digitrax Configuration Jumper installed, the PSX uses a different turn on algorithm that enhances the ability of Digitrax equipment to turn on multiple sound decoders without difficulty.

The software revision of the PSX is easily determined. Simply place the unit in the program mode and turn it on. D6 will flash the Morse code pattern of the software revision letter. The PSX breaker will flash long-long-short (G). The PSX-AR will flash long-short-long [k].