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Lionel’s Verandah Arrives: April 16, 2004

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

We tested Lionel’s HO UP Verandah and wasted no time in checking it out. The loco is heavy as is its all-metal construction. The detail is good.

However when we placed it on our test layout, it only made it around the track once before one of the power trucks failed. Upon further inspection we discovered that atlthough all 4 trucks had pick-up, only 2 of the trucks were powered. We feel that, considering the price and size of this unit, the power arrangement is not up to industry standards.

For that reason we are declining to offer this unit for sale.

Added on April 19, 2004

Tony’s Trains,
I read the news item on the Lionel Verandah and I wanted to report to you that the same thing happened last week to 2 of the units that we tested at my local hobby shop. Basically, both units ran back and forth on the test track and then stopped functioning. In both cases, one of the inner trucks (only the two inner ones are powered?) stopped running. My dealer took a closer look and said that it looked like the gears became disconnected.
Whatever the problem is — this is clearly a serious quality control issue.
Hope this info helps.

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