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Lifelike Proto 2000 GP9 vs. Broadway SD40-2: December 2, 2004

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Proto 2000 jumps on the QSI bandwagon with the new GP9:

Life-Like has just released their 1st venture into DCC sound. The former GP9 design has been upgraded and modified to accommodate the popular QSI DCC sound module. Life-Like has followed the lead of Broadway Limited and Atlas in making the jump to DCC sound.



Life-Like has maintained the crisp detail and smooth running that has been reflected in all the Proto 2000 releases. The frame or chassis has been significantly modified to accept the QSI sound decoder and two 1.2″ diameter speakers. The GP9 with QSI is 1.5 oz lighter than its non-DCC predecessor. The two speaker configuration has been used by QSI in all its designs to maximize volume in HO scale. The two speakers are the reason that QSI sounds much louder than comparable Soundtraxx installations performed after the fact on similar locos!



Several days ago we evaluated the Broadway Ltd. SD40-2. Having both locos side by side gave us the opportunity to compare:

The detail on the GP9 is better.

Both locos sound identical which is not prototypical since the GP9 is 1st generation and the SD40-2 is 2nd? Both horns are the same, I believe 3 chime Nathans?

As a result of the many QSI releases by Broadway Ltd, Atlas and now Proto 2000 we feel that QSI may need to make some changes to stay viable for the long term:

1) All the steam chuffs sound identical
2) More diesel variation, prototypical diesel exhausts and horns.

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