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Lenz Releases Silver Mini and Black Box Programmer:July 14, 2006

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Lenz released these new products at the National Train Show last week! All are in stock at Tony’s.

Surprise New Product:

Black Box Programmer
by tttrains MSRP $59.95

New for the North American Market. Work-bench programmer for use with Lenz throttles LH90 and LH100 or LI Computer Interface.

The Black Box Programmer was designed for those users who desire a separate location for checking out installations and for programming.  Using the NMRA Conforming programming software within our version 3.5 software as a starting point, the Black Box Programmer was enhanced to allow programming of high in-rush current sound decoders and allow access to all 1024 CVs.

Requires an external transformer for power and a handheld capable of programming (such as an LH100, LH90, or LI computer interface with software)

Benefits of this work-bench programmer:

  • No need to interrupt layout operation when you want to perform service mode programming.
  • Full support for all 1024CVs in direct mode (requires a handheld capable of 1024 CV programming

Gold Maxi

We are pleased to introduce our long awaited Gold Maxi decoder.
MRSP $79.95

Features include

  • Precision silent back emf control that can be tailored to the needs of the locomotive.  Provides exceptional smooth control.
  • USB – screw terminal connections to an external power module provides the ability to detect the DCC signal even on dirty track.  We will provide a “Power -3” module later in the Fall and also provide instructions for optional user installed battery backup.
  • 8 function outputs with special lighting effects
  • RailCom  support for both address and data transmission. (our implementation of NMRA Bi directional)
  • 3 Amp continuous load without heat sync (optional heat sync can be installed for greater current capacity)
  • Short and overload protected so can handle a hard stall of over 10 amps!
  • SUSI sound interface for plug in sound or function module.
  • Reed switch control input for optional automatic stopping.
  • All the advanced NMRA DCC features you have come to expect in our Gold Series decoders.

Silver Mini

The Silver Mini has the identical software as the Gold Mini but does not support RailCom or USP.
MSRP $38.95, Tony’s TBD

Features include:

  • Super smooth and silent high frequency back-emf motor control.
  • Asymmetrical DCC support including directional stopping
  • Adjustable precision stopping control
  • Low speed gear for switching operations
  • Selectable for operation with 14/27, or 28/128 speed steps.
  • Operation on conventional DC layouts is possible or can be disabled.
  • Motor output = 0.5A continuous, 0.8A max, > 2 A stall.
  • Motor and function outputs protected
  • Two function outputs rated at 100mA each with advanced function mapping
  • Directional or independent lighting with dimming and special effects.
  • Support for Advanced Consist Control and Extended Addressing
  • Support for programming on the mainline (operations mode programming)
  • Support for all form of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3
  • Supports service mode decoder lock
  • Size: L 0.43″ x W 0.35″x H 0.11,  L 11mm x W 9mm x H 2.8 mm (Mini-W)

Set-100/10 Amps (O-Scale, Large Scale)
MSRP $499.95 Tony’s $399.95

For our O scale and Large Scale customers we have introduced a new 10 amp set.  Due to the internal design of our LV102 power station it is possible to stack multiple units together to increase the  overall amperage.  The Set-100/10 consists of a LZV100 a LH100 and a LV102.  The LV102 connects to the LZV100 in a parallel configuration to provide up to 10 amps of track power.  Additional LV102s can be stacked if greater amperage is required.

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