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Lenz Releases HO Standard MP Decoder: July 13, 2007

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Lenz announced the release of the “Standard” line of DCC decoders beginning with the Standard-MP. List price $29.95, Tony’s.

These decoders come with silent back emf motor drive, 3 function outputs (A, B and C) with special lighting effects and a host of configurable CVs. The Standard line decoders do not come with Asymmetrical DCC, Bi-Directional DCC, USP nor have a SUSI sound interface.

The Standard line decoders come with the Lenz industry leading 10 year warranty. The motor and all function outputs are short but not overload protected, the decoder has already passed all the automated NMRA DCC tests.

Standard-MP is ultra-thin at .12″H X 1.00″L X 0.61W. It features 1 Amp continuous, 1 Amp maximum, 1 Amp hard continuous stall.

Standard MP decoders are in stock.

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