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Lenz Announces “Silver Direct” Decoder: February 22, 2007

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Here is a copy the Lenz news release

The Silver Direct is a 4 function output decoder with a built in medium plug so it can be simply plugged into a NMRA 8 pin locomotive socket. We start with a high frequency back emf motor control that can be configured to the particular motor characteristics in the locomotive. This motor drive offers exceptionally quiet and smooth operation to the locomotive.

We add to this all the high end DCC features common in Lenz Decoders, plus a broad array of advanced lighting features and function mapping capabilities.  Three of the function outputs and one common go through the NMRA Plug.  The 4th function output plus a function common output are available by soldering wires to the top of the decoder.  Each of the 4 function outputs can be configured to one or more of 14 NMRA defined DCC functions, the effects can be activated by up to three separate configurable DCC function inputs and the decoder operation effected by 3 additional configurable function inputs.

Naturally the Silver Series decoders come with our industry leading 10 year warranty. The motor and all function outputs are short and overload protected, and of course the decoder has already passed all the automated NMRA tests. Our Silver software has received a NMRA Conformance Warrant.

1 Amp continuous, 1.8 Amp maximum, 3 amp hard continuous stall.

Silver Direct decoders will begin shipping to dealers February 27.

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