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Latest Product News from Lenz: March 11, 2009

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

XPA ‘s Have Arrived!

The XPAs are now on hand and will start shipping from Lenz this week. There had been about a 6 month lapse, so we apologize for this delay. The XPAs continue to be a inexpensive wireless solutions for Lenz Systems. MSRP $74.95

LRC100 RailCom Transmitter

The new LRC100 have now reached market. The LRC100 allows for non-Gold decoders to became RailCom decoders. Before now only Gold decoders could run with RailCom, now by adding the LRC120 other decoder can operate bi-directionally with our systems that support RailCom. They are sold as 5 packs. The customer installs the LRC using the balck and red, soldering to the existing decoders black and red wires (track leads). The LRC will then transmit the decoders address, CV setting back through RailCom to our LRC120 detectors. MSRP $79.95/ 5 pk.

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