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Kato C44 “N” owners …July 13, 1997

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

… Digitrax still waiting for mounting hardware from Kato. Also C44 motors not isolated properly & function wiring needs work. More later. (Apr 6, 1998 update – all is OK now!)

Life Like Proto 2000 SW 9/12. Simplest solution to lighting problems is to remove lamp board & hard wire to decoder. Use 100 Ohm resistor for lights.

  • E7, caution, before installing decoder remove jumper plug and test that there is no short between motor leads pins & pick-up (truck power) pins. Wire green, F1, to vacant decoder NMRA plug pin to utilize F1 to operate Mars Light.
  • SD-7 has in sufficient roll axis movement and tends to derail on rough track. If you file/sand about .010 off gear tower cover arms this will cure problem.

IHC Premier Steamers you can improve low speed control usually by tinkering with side rods & value gear. Plastic members need adjustment, also worm in gear box may not have sufficient free play. Remove several stack washers.

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