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JRMI Decoder Pro & SoundTraxx Tsunami

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Tony's Tips, Tony's TV |

Basic Tutorial using JMRI’s Decoder Pro [DP] to fine tune a SoundTraxx Tsunami for optimal performance. We have also found Decoder Pro to be very effective for programming ESU LokSound decoders too. DP allows the modeler to easily and quickly optimize a decoder. No more button pushing on a throttle. The GUI [Graphic User Interface] is laid out in a logical and easy to use catagorized format.

Please note, DP can programs CV’s. DP cannot download or program soundfiles. You will still need a manufacture’s proprietary downloader to change or alter a sound file [firmware/software].

For more information regarding JMRI and DP please visit:

For NCE PH Pro users you need a simple USB/9pin Serial cable to connect to the Command Station.
NCE Power Cab users will need a NCE USB device.
Digitrax users most cost effective method is to use the Loco Buffer from RR-Cirkits