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JMRI Decoder Pro and NCE SB5 Settings

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Tech Specs, Tips DCC Components |

Here is the correct setup procedure for JMRI with an SB5:

SB5 Instructions
The correct settings for an SB5 and an NCE USB V7 are:
— USB Jumper 4 on. All others off (or at least 2 & 3. Jumper 1 is ignored).
— JMRI preferences are:
— System manufacturer: NCE
— System connection: NCE USB
— Serial port: <whatever is appropriate for your system>
— USB version: V7.x.x
— System: SB5
— Additional Connection Settings checkbox ON
— Baud rate: 19200.

The JMRI console log should then report V7.3.1.

If the system does not work after this and your USB is V7:
— If your SB5/Power Cab is V1.65 rather than V1.65B, you may have been affected by a firmware issue (triggered by a System Reset).
— Your NCE USB may be set to a bad cab address.

In either case, go through the following :
— Quit JMRI.
— Ensure neither LED on the NCE USB is stuck ON. If so, power cycle the USB by unplugging it from the cab bus cable.
— Ensure you have no other throttles connected.
— Restart JMRI and immediately go to Configure USB Interface under the NCE menu.
— Set the Cab ID to 3.
— Attempt a JMRI operation (use a throttle, Identify a decoder.
— The status line should stay green and it should work
— If this does not work, do not fiddle with any other settings but instead:
— Observe whether the Cab Bus LED on the NCE USB is stuck on and report back.
— Use Help->System Console…->Copy to clipboard and paste into a post for us (or an offline email).

Courtesy Dave Heap in Australia and NCE Yahoo GroupĀ