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Installing SoundTraxx Decoders in HO Scale Bowser SD40-2

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips |

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Bowser Manufacturing has released another production run of their GMD (General Motors Diesel – the Canadian division of EMD) SD40-2 locomotives in HO scale. These uniquely Canadian models will be offered in road names including: CP, CN, BC RAIL, Ontario Rail, HLCX, St. L.&H and QNS&L. The Tsunami2 and Econami 21PNEM series of Digital Sound Decoders fit right into these models making the installation process easier than ever. Combine these SoundTraxx decoders with a pair of our Super Mini speakers for a super simple fitment and superb sound quality.

TSU-21PNEM for EMD Diesels [P.N. 885009]
ECO-21PNEM for Diesels [P.N. 882006]
SuperSonic Mini Speakers & Enclosures
Purple Ultra Flexible Wire 

SoundTraxx Tsunami2 885009 21PNEM