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Heat Sinking The Soundtraxx Micro Tsunamis: February 12, 2010

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

The popular Soundtraxx Micro Tsunamis are ideal for adding sound to some small HO and some N scale locomotives where options have not been available in the past!

There has been one major hurdle that has made this difficult. The Micro Tsunami overheating and shutting down when operating near the 0.75 Amp max current rating. We were very fortunate that one of our customers, Latham S, a retired engineer and model railroader, engineered a simple-to-make heatsink and detailed drawings to solve the overheating issues. While the heatsink can be used for many Micro Tsunami applications, Latham detailed information for the venerable Bachmann 3 Truck HO Shay. Thank you Latham for providing model railroaders this detailed information!



Here are his comments and the precise highly detailed engineering drawings for both the Shay installation and the heat sink.

“This is the file I have on the Shay! The drawing of the sheet metal heat sink is included with photos of the Shay installation.

It is wise to either disconnect the fire box light or put a smaller current draw bulb in its place. A remedy to motor current draw which contributes to over temp. The bulb is connected to the motor at the brush location! I have replaced the head light and rear light bulbs with LED 3mm as shown in photo of tender installation to further reduce current draw. This I also believe will reduce problem of over temp.

I think with these changes it may not be necessary to use the heatsink but I am not going to take a chance ….since to make these mods you must remove the boiler and headlight detail. A lot of labor wasted if it doesn’t work and an unhappy customer.

I have one person who has bought a new Bachman Shay equipped with factory Tsunami who claims to have had same problem.”



micro-tsunami-heatsink-002 (1)micro-tsunami-heatsink-025micro-tsunami-heatsink-045

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