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Genesis Production Not Limited.October 15, 1999

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Based on slow initial production releases of the Athearn Genesis steam locomotive I was concerned that this new series may be limited production. Fortunately, Athearn intends to build these locos to stock consistent with the rest of their product line.

This means that you will be able to get the locos you choose. You may have to wait, but stock will be available in the future as production continues to increase.

October 6, 1999

Athearn Steam is Coming Slow!

Athearn has been shipping its long awaited steam 2-8-2 for several weeks now. The deliveries have been considerably less than distributors were expecting. Furthermore the ratio of undecorated, where there is the most demand, to the other releases appears to be very low. This is causing a major shortage of the undecorated units.

If you have ordered an undecorated unit, and 80% of you have, then you will be waiting or possibly be short changed. I have been unable to get any info from Athearn re their production intentions.

In the absence of any other info, most of us assumed that Athearn would make these locos stock items like the rest of their inventory.

Decoder Info:

We intend to provide performance and decoder installation info on the Athearn 2-8-2 and the Bachman 4-8-2 in the near future.

Important note:

The Athearn 2-8-2 is DCC ready but does not use the conventional 2X4 pin NMRA DCC plug like the Bachman 4-8-2, the Athearn uses a nine pin, female header connector that will mate with the following decoders: DSD150, LE130, DH155, DH140, DH140U, DH121, D104.

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