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ESU’s Full Throttle Now Up & Running

Posted by on May 18, 2016 in News |

5.18.2016- ESU has been hard at work finalizing their first “Full-Throttle” equipped sound files. ESU has redesigned their sound schedules and function mapping to allow for more prototypical sounds.  The two biggest changes you will notice are the F9 and F10 controls.  No longer are they mapped to prime mover rev-up and prime mover rev-down.

F9 now engages “Drive Lock”.  This allows you to lock in your speed and then control just the prime mover sound with the throttle.  You can simulate your train pulling a heavy load up a grade or coasting down the other side (all without changing your speed).  “Drive Lock” also allows you to “pump up your air” and perform brake checks while in the yard.

F10 is now your “Independent Brake”.  While moving you can toggle F10 to add braking, or just press it and your locomotive will come to a stop, complete with brake squeal.  Turn F10 off and your locomotive gradually returns to the speed set on your throttle.

Following are the 1st sound files to be released with Full Throttle. Note ESU has also released four brand new prime mover sound files.

73426 & 74426 EMD 16 cylinder 645E: GP38, SD38
73431 & 74431 EMD 16 cylinder 710G3A: GP60, SD60 NEW!
73436 & 74436 EMD 16 cylinder 567C: F9, GP9, SD9
73447 & 74477 EMD 16 cylinder 567D3: GP30, SD24 NEW!
75408 & 76408 EMD 16 cylinder 645C: GP16, GP9RM, SD9M, GP20M NEW!
73441 & 74441 ALCO 12 cylinder 251B: RS11, RSD12, RS18, RS36
75409 & 76409 ALCO 16 cylinder 251C: C425, C628 NEW!

The first number is for our SELECT decoders. The second number is for our V4.0 decoders. ESU will eventually upgrade all existing sound files with these new features.

You can find the FULL THROTTLE manual at the ESU website…HERE