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ESU Solves Consisting Issue: March 19, 2006

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Up until now, users of the ESU LokSound decoder have had been unable to sychronize the start of the sound-equipped locomotive with that of a non-sound decoder when both are running together in a consist, even when using the LokPilot.

Now, Dennis at ESU has come up with the solution with two simple CV changes to be made to both decoders. This can be done on the main line.

If using a 2-digit address:
CV29 to a value of 18
CV67 to 0

If using a 4-Digit address:
CV29 to a value of 50
CV67 to 0

What this will do:

Changing CV 29 to either value will
– enable the loadable speed table
– disable the analog operation (which is recommended by Tony’s anyway in order to solve other problems).

Changing CV 67 will supply no voltage to the motors when on Speed Step 1 but will start the engine sounds. Both locos will not move until set to speed step 2. The operator will have to wait about 2 seconds at speed step one before advancing to speed step 2.

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