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Emulation Technology™ – The Next Generation In DC/DCC Sound And Control: May 14, 2013

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We are now shipping the next generation in true-to-life sound and control technology — for modelers of all scales — with the release of its all-new Titan ET™ series of DC/DCC sound decoders – all of which are engineered with QSI’s patented Emulation Technology.

Emulation Technology provides modelers with what QSI says is previously unattainable sound clarity and realism. Emulation Technology ushers in a new era in modeling realism through its proprietary 64-channel 16-bit sampling, stereo modeling, virtually infinite motor control parameters and industry-leading library of proprietary locomotive sound emulation files – all of which have been captured in real time on state-of-the-art digital sound equipment.

“It’s hard to overstate the advance ET brings to the industry,” said Tony Parisi, president of QSI Solutions, Inc., distributor of QSI products. “This technology has been in development for a very long time, during which we have had major obstacles to overcome, and which have delayed its introduction. Once modelers hear the difference it makes, we know they’ll agree that it has been worth the wait. We’re especially delighted to be able to offer it first to modelers at the Amherst Railway Society show at the “Big E” in Springfield, MA beginning Saturday, January 26.”

Parisi said one of the great benefits of ET is that QSI’s popular Titan decoders are fully compatible with and upgradable to the new technology.

Some of the features ET’s 64-channel stereo technology brings to life include:

Highest fidelity ever. The Titan ET’s all new recordings, processed at twice the original sample rate of previous sound files, provide unsurpassed clarity and fidelity. Sixty-four individual stereo channels enable multiple sounds to play simultaneously. This means individual sounds play completely and clearly – without being distorted or disabled to allow other sounds to play — as is the case with all of yesterday’s decoders, all of which were limited to a maximum of just eight channels.

Infinite — and intimate — motor control. The ET proprietary BEMF measuring algorithm provides unimaginable control over speed. Slow motion has never been so slow – nor every speed increment in between, so smooth!

Real-time notch control. Now operators can move seamlessly from any notch to any other notch — without the annoying (and unavoidable) stair-stepping between notches in yesterday’s decoder technology, which destroys realism and severs the relationship between a model’s sound and its actual movement. Emulation Technology means RPMs migrate seamlessly from notch to notch — just like the prototype. Operators no longer have to wait for a loco’s speed to match the sound of its prime mover. With ET, they’re perfectly synchronized.

Phase-shifting dual prime mover dynamics. In real life, dual prime movers go in and out of sync with each other constantly, creating a unique “spiraling” dynamic never previously attainable in the modeling industry — until now. ET’s crystal clear, real-time prototype sound emulations combine with its stereo modeling outputs to provide real-life separation of the two motors, each working independently. Their realism is unprecedented.

Improved “Sound of Power (SOP).” Diesel engines, like their steam predecessors, respond to load increases and decreases with changes in both volume and “voice.” ET allows for even more accurate SOP modeling because it responds like a real locomotive does when moving a load.

User programmable bell. Tired of hearing the same bell everywhere you roam? ET offers infinitely variable bell control, including bell pitch, bell actuator type (air operated/hand pull), ring rate, ability to add a second “ding” at varying intervals and vary time increments between dings — and more!

Plus much, much more… including a vast array of new lighting controls and options, automatic speed calibration, randomized air dryer and spitter valve control, extended start-up and shut-down sounds, steam generator water fill, fuel loading, engine maintenance, stereo balance controls, over 50 individual volume controls, downloadable ET sounds and ability to download customer-created sounds and much, much more.

For the full story— visit or call Toll-free (800) 671-0641.

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