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Digitrax Zephyr

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Product Compare, Tips DCC Systems, Tony's Tips |

Comparison : DCC Systems

This review by Don Fiehmann can be found here in its entirety.

zephyr-05Short excerpt …

The Zephyr Starter Set includes a DCS50 Command Station/Booster, a PS315 Power Supply and the LT 1 LocoNet Cable and Decoder Tester. It also comes with a well illustrated and well written 56 page Zephyr Manual and a Digitrax Decoder Manual. (No decoders are supplied with the Zephyr system.) The Command Station/booster is a stationary “console” style unit. It has a large speed control knob, reversing switch, a four digit green half inch plus display with four status indicators, a track power, program and brake LEDs. The information in the display is shown decimal A 20 push button keypad is used for function switches and programming. Many of these switches have more than one use depending on the mode the unit is in. The front panel is marked to show the functions of the keypad switches. The PS315 power supply is a plug-in-the-wall transformer with a cord that plugs into the pack of the Command Station. There are two ports for LocoNet and a seven position wire connector. This connector connects the rails, program track, the two standard “jump”power packs and ground. The connections are made putting a stripped wire into a connector then tighten a screw. The PS 315 power supply is rated at 15volts a.c. at 3 amps and the Zephyr system output is rated at 2.5 amps. A second Zephyr can be easily programmed as a booster-only to expand the power. When the Zephyr is used as a booster it can also be set for auto reversing for use in reversing loops. (A reverse loop adapter may be a less expensive way to connect reversing loops.)