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Digitrax Signal Accessories in September: August 22, 2003

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Digitrax has announced a release date and pricing for their Signal Accessory Kits. Here is an edited version of their release.

Coming 9/15/03

Signal Mast Base Kit
Sets of 3 Signal Masts that can be used as Signal Mast bases in any scale or can be painted and detailed as N-scale signal masts.
Part # SMBK
List: $14.99 Tony’s $11.99

Signal Driver Cable Kit
Materials for making 2 Signal Driver Cables for SE8C. Includes 20 feet of 10-wire ribbon cable and 8 Ten pin connectors.
Part # SDCK
List: $19.99 Tony’s $15.99

Terminal Strip Mounting Kit
Includes 2 terminal strip boards with resistors installed for easy installation for LED type signals. Each terminal strip board can handle 1 to 4 signal heads.
Part # TSMK
List: $14.99 Tony’s $11.99

Signal Mounting Hardware Kit
Under layout mounting hardware for Signal Driver Cables and sockets. 6 metal signal straps and 6 signal spacers.
Part # SMHK
MSRP To Be Announced

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