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Digitrax Address 00 & PSX Circuit Breakers

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

I see from your quick start guide on the PSX- series that these are not compatible with analog address 00. Is there a configuration option to allow for analog operation? Best regards, Rob…………North Georgia Modurail

The address 00 on Digitrax works by stretching the pulse width of the “0” DCC data. The PSX powers itself from the DCC data. The problem is that the stretched pulse can be long enough that the PSX looses power. Depending on the DCC polarity, the PSX may drop out either at minimum analog speed or at maximum analog speed. This is why we say it is not compatible. It may or may not work depending on your specific layout operation. As an aside, we discourage the use of address 00 because you are connecting an inductor (the engine’s motor windings) across the DCC signal. This inductance can cause significant voltage spikes due to the fast edges of the DCC signal. The address 00 mode is also likely to cause motor heating. When the engine is stopped, the motor is actually seeing full speed current in both directions, which averages out to 0 so the motor does not turn, but it is seeing a heating effect equivalent to a stall at full speed.