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DCC Introduction

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Miscellaneous, Tony's Tips |

Digital Command Control (DCC) makes reliable and realistic train operation, and simplified layout wiring a reality. With DCC you control multiple trains independently on the same section of track without blocking. In the real world, engineers control the speed and direction of real trains. Engines operate under their own power independent of the track. Each engine has its own motion characteristics such as how fast it speeds up (acceleration) and how long it takes to slow down (momentum). A locomotive’s performance is influenced by whether it is operating alone or as part of a multiple unit lash-up. The weight of the train also affects its performance. DCC gives you reliable control over all these variables.

You become the engineer at the throttle, controlling speed and direction of one or more locomotives, each with its own performance characteristics. As a good engineer, you must obey the signals and watch for other trains because, there are no electrical blocking restrictions with DCC to prevent those pesky “cornfield meets.”

Adapted from “Digital Command Control: The Wave of the Future”, by Zana and A.J. Ireland.