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Special Effects

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Locomotives, Miscellaneous, Tony's Tips |

Loco Lighting and Other Features of DCC Mobile Decoders

In addition to address and motion characteristics, most DCC decoders control constant directional lighting and in some cases offer additional function outputs.

DCC decoders usually have at least 2 functions available (sometimes these are set up as directional lights so that your headlights go on and off automatically when you reverse the engine). Large-scale decoders have as many as 8 functions available.

Some decoders have special effects lighting built in so that you can activate additional locomotive lighting like Mars lights, ditch lights, cab lights, etc. Additional functions can be used for smoke units for steam locomotives, sound units, and much more. These extra locomotive functions are accessible from full-featured command stations. Some DCC decoders include a mobile decoder and sound decoder in one unit.

Adapted from “Digital Command Control: The Wave of the Future”, by Zana and A.J. Ireland.