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Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Miscellaneous, Tony's Tips |

The possibilities with DCC are nearly endless. New products are being developed at a rapid pace so if there is something you wish your layout could do, there will probably be a way to do it with DCC before long.

Today there are several computer based decoder programmers, automatic reversing devices, power management devices and block detection devices. In the future we will see signaling systems, sound systems and more.

With the adoption of the DCC standard there is a variety of different equipment available. You have lots of choices of features and price ranges. Since the market is changing so rapidly, it’s best to contact the equipment manufacturer, importer or dealer to get the latest information on any system you are considering.

Special interoperability note: DCC decoders and boosters are generally interoperable but command stations are not. For example, you can use Digitrax decoders with Lenz command stations or Lenz decoders with Digitrax command stations. You can use Digitrax and Lenz decoders together with either command station. Note that some systems use components produced by a common manufacturer and have a common command bus structure that does allow some throttle interoperability.


Adapted from “Digital Command Control: The Wave of the Future”, by Zana and A.J. Ireland.