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Back EMF

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Miscellaneous, Tony's Tips |

This is cruise control for your locomotives. Some decoders have this feature that lets you set a speed for your locomotive and have it run at that speed “up hill and down dale.” It is also called load compensation. This is particularly useful for low speed operation when 128-speed step control is not available. Decoders that offer scaleable speed stabilization let you select how much of this effect your system will implement with any given locomotive. This type of speed stabilization let’s you avoid the problem of the “pushy pusher” that was inherent with non-scaleable versions of back emf decoders. In this scenario, because the stabilization is constant, speed stabilized rear end helpers would often create the “concertina” effect with trains moving up grades.


Back EMF
Acceleration and Deceleration Rates
The Throttle Response Curve, Adjusting

Adapted from “Digital Command Control: The Wave of the Future”, by Zana and A.J. Ireland.