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DCC Specialties PSX-AR Automatic Turnout Control

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |


I’ve recently moved and started a new layout. This will be my 1st experience with reverse loops. In looking at the DCC Specialties PSX-AR circuit breaker/auto reverser, the manual indicates it will automatically throw the Circuitron Tortoise to allow the train to exit the reverse loop. Will the Tortoise reset automatically to the opposite position so the next train can enter the loop from the same direction as the first train?

Or, does the PSX-AR maintain it’s last position and trains will alternate the direction they enter the loop, meaning the 1st train enters clockwise and the 2nd train enters counter-clockwise?¬†Thanks—–Bob

Bob: If you leave the PSX-AR alone, the train will alternate directions entering the reverse loop as you noted. However, you can control the switch at accessory address 2044 (default).

  • An accessory command to this address will allow you to place the reverse loop switch in whichever entry direction you want. While 2044 is the default, you can change this address to any accessory address that you want.
  • If you want the switch to automatically return, then you will need to get a bit fancier and use a Hare, Wabbit, or Jack Wabbit to control the switch position and not use the PSX-AR switch controller.