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DCC Sound decoders for Recently Released Athearn & Intermountain Models

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017 in Locomotives, News, Tips DCC Sound, Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips |

Athearn Genesis GP9

Which DCC Sound Decoders are right for your locomotives?

With so many new models arriving in our store weekly, we can  recommend a SoundTraxx or ESU Loksound decoder for each of them. We’re taking the guesswork out of that process by starting a new Tony’s Tip to help suggest after market SoundTraxx and ESU products for all those “Sound-Ready” locomotives on our shelves.

We’re kicking this month off with a recent release of GP7 & GP9 locomotives from Athearn Genesis. Roadnames include: AT&SF, Western Maryland, D&RGW, Erie and undecorated options.

Loksound Select Direct

These “DCC ready” HO scale Genesis series models can easily be converted with Loksound, Tsunami2 or Econami Digital Sound Decoders. If you want to purchase or have one of these sound ready models on your layout, you should also have the list of materials found below required to complete this installation.

ESU Loksound Select Direct
Tsunami2 PNP for EMD Diesels (P.N. 885013)
Econami PNP for Diesel Models (P.N 882004)
TDS SuperSonic Speaker & Enclosure
Purple Ultra-flexible Wire 


Tsunami2 PNP Sound Decoder

The much anticipated InterMountain Railway Company HO scale GP10 “Paducah” locomotives should also be hitting our shelves by mid-March. Roadnames include: IC, ICG, MidSouth, Iowa Interstate & Conrail to name a few.

Intermountain GP10 Paducah in HO Scale

The Intermountain Paducah models are equipped with a 21-Pin NEM interface for plug-and-play decoder installations. You can use the ESU LokSound Select 21 Pin decoders, the Soundtraxx Econami 21PNEM for Diesel Models or the Soundtraxx Tsuanmi2 21PNEM for EMD Diesels. The list of products required for this installation can be found below.

ESU LokSound Select 21 Pin
Tsunami2 21PNEM for EMD Diesels (P.N. 885009)
Econami 21PNEM for Diesel Models (P.N. 882006)
TDS SuperSonic Speaker & Enclosure
Purple Ultra-flexible Wire 

Tsunami2 21PNEM